#Nerdlution Round 1!

You’ve heard of the Nerdy Book Club, right?
I LOVE following their blog.
Awesome content all the time.

Well, now there’s a challenge.
And here it is: Come up with a #nerdlution
and stick with it for 50 days.

Check out Colby Sharp’s post here,
and see what other people are doing.

I thought about mine for a while.
This fifty day thing runs us right through the start of the new year.
I already have a resolution in mind for 2014,
so I came up with a new one:

As my #nerdlution,
I’ll do yoga everyday.

Just 20 minutes.
When I do it, I feel GREAT afterwards.

But often, I don’t do it.
I’m too busy with work,
or writing,
or capoeira,
or driving (I drive A LOT for work)

But here’s the thing;
Yoga makes EVERYTHING better.
So I’m going to do it.
Because if there’s one thing I can do,
it’s win challenges :)

Again, hop over to the blog and check it out.
What would your #nerdlution be?

Until next time,
KE and SS

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