Writing Check In #7: This week in writing

The backstory (feel free to skip if you’ve read before!)

I’m playing along with other picture book writers
on this blog,
setting some goals for the week
and reflecting on how I did.

I really wanted to do this because I’ve sort of been in a writing slump.

I AM writing, but not as consistently as I want to be.
I’m taking a step back
from doing writing prompts
and trying to grow my social media following
and instead
investing that time
in my manuscripts
and posts that will further my writing goals.

Don’t worry, I’ll still be doing prompts,
but for now,
I’m changing it up a bit.

Session goals (over the course of 8 weeks)
I mainly want to set a goal each week for my writing!
Right now it’s sort of hit or miss whether I work on it.
I’d like to revise a manuscript each week,
and maybe draft some new ones up.
My agent wants to see some new stuff, and I’d
REALLY like to knock her socks off.

I’d also like to work on building content for my blog/podcast
that I’m going to be relaunching this June,
featuring thoughts on books and actionable tips
for writers to improve their writing and presentations.

BACKSTORY OVER!         Revisit and revise my two stories
that are out on submission right now.

How did I do?

Pretty good.
I printed out the notes from my agent,
both manuscripts,
and sat down with my trusty purple pen to get revising.
(It can be any color except red,
but I like when it’s a FUN color,
because revising can be stressful!)

I did one half hour session and got A LOT of good ideas
going for the one that needed the most work.
And then…
I hit the
“is this too much/is this too little/
is this EVER going to be a good picture book?”
phase and put it away.

This happens sometimes when I’m revising.
I get A BUNCH of ideas out there,
and then I wonder if the changes I’m making are good,
if the direction I’m going is helpful,
if it would be better just to scrap it completely….

I always stop at this point because I know it’s
my worried brain and fear joining forces.
I set it aside,
do a little more work,
that I have an agent who does editorial work
(meaning, she will help me with these decisions!)

I did not get to the other manuscript,
but I like that I have it printed out and ready.
I’m excited to bring it to work with me this week
and work on it at lunch a little bit.

It only need a few small tweaks;
well, some big tweaks but only in a few small areas.
It should be easier
than that revision
that inspired worry and fear
to jump in.

This week I’ve got just one goal:

Get the revised editions of both stories to my agent,
along with an email with my concerns,
by the end of the day Wednesday.

I was hoping to get these to my agent by Monday,
but actually had a free weekend this weekend,
meaning we got A LOT of stuff done,
hung out with some friends,
and I am exhausted!

I have a half day on Wednesday,
and am looking forward to
some time to work on these things.

I’d like to hear her input at these early revision stages
so if we need to change direction,
we can.

P.S. I shared some of my revision process on snapchat
as I was doing it!

If you are on snapchat, I’m kathyellendavis.
You can find me and follow me;
I post mostly about books, writing, and fun life stuff.

I’ll check in with you guys next week to tell you how it went!

I hope this is bringing some more insight into
what a writer’s week looks like,
and a little bit of behind the scenes into my process.

Thanks for following along and keeping me virtually accountable!

Bye for now,
Kathy Ellen

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