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Adventures of an Indie Bookseller, Chapter 1

Hey everyone,
I work at a fun indie bookstore in California.
I’ll be sharing some fun stuff that happens when I work,
just in case you’re curious
as to what life is like
on the side that sells books :)

Date worked: June 11th, 2016.
Hours: from 10-5:30   *********************************************************
A boy came in asking for a book.
“My mom ordered it…her name is…..”
I reached under the shelf and found it:

I gave it to the boy,
who was probably 8 years old or so,
and he hugged it.
When his Mom came in after him,
he smiled at her, did a fist pump in the air
and looked so excited.
We have the game Tenzi up front by the register;
a sample so people can play it.
A guy with his two young kids (both boys, maybe 7 and 9?)
was looking for something fun
for a friend who graduated high school.

I played Tenzi with his boys and they loved it,
so he bought one for the graduate.
I assured him it’s a really fun game;
Danny and I have it.
A Dad came up looking for books for three year old twins.
“I know one I want is
so we headed over to the trucks, cars, and train section.

While there, I pulled out SUPERTRUCK
and started reading it to him.
“You had me at snowstorm,” he said,
and bought both books.
I talked to a woman in the board book section;
she was looking for specific classics.
“I didn’t know they were in alphabetical order by author,” she said
after I found one for her.
“I can find the rest.”
“I can find them so quickly,” I said.
“What do you need?”

and GOODNIGHT MOON in a flash.
She asked for something related to food,
and I grabbed FIRST BOOK OF SUSHI.

Then I showed her
how adorable PENGUIN AND PINECONE is.
She practically snatched it out of my hands
after I finished showing it to her.
ARC scores:
A book by a friend!
And a book by an author I just saw!
A man came in looking for a board book.
“If it could be something French related,
that would be great,” he said.

I showed him MADELINE and
and we chatted about how much we loved both of them.
He went with Babar.
Someone bought a stuffed cat
and said it was shedding all over the place.
This is why I don’t have cats; real or stuffed.
Hamster erasers are a serious craze.
Everyone wants them!
We have them for a dollar.
Co worker : “We don’t have it in stock, but we can order it for you.”
Customer, “That’s ok, I”ll just get it from..”
Co worker: “We can get it in one or two days.”
Customer: “Ok then, let’s order it.”

A quick save from Amazon!
Speaking of, the books that I ordered
Wednesday afternoon came in Friday.
I ordered 20 board books (the same board book)
and one adult sci fi book.
Talk about fast!
Statements corrected today:
A kid yelled, “Yeah, it’s a library!”
to a bunch of other kids who stormed in.
I yelled, “Nope, it’s totally a bookstore!”

A couple came in and said, “Oh, it’s just a kid’s bookstore.”
I headed up front to show them the adult section,
but they found it on their own so all was well.
Super cute book find:
Yeah there are plenty of books about new babies
but this one is so cute!
SO MANY babies are being born!
We wrapped so much stuff for those babies today!
A few people commented on how nice it was
to have us in the neighborhood
and said they were happy to have a local place to shop.

I’m obviously a huge fan of indie bookstores.
I hope that this little sneak peek behind the scenes
will inspire you to visit one!

See you next time!

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