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screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-5-12-36-pmHey everyone!
Here’s the fourth page of the yeah, write! pdf you get
by donating to my Night of Writing Dangerously Fund.

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Here’s what the page is about:

This one is pretty straightforward.
Think of a story you always tell, and write it in the speech bubble!

The story behind the page:
Everyone has a story they always tell.
Or maybe there’s a story someone always tells about YOU!

I found this out when I went home 5 years ago for my sister’s wedding.
I was part of the wedding party (Maid of Honor! Oh yeah!)
and knew most of the other people,
but there were also many that I didn’t know.

When new people met me, they said,
“Oh yeah, you’re the one that played Clifford, right?”

Why yes, in fact, I DID once play Clifford the Big Red Dog.
My sister was also volunteering at the time,
and was my “handler”
(She made sure I knew what was going on,
since I couldn’t really see anything from the head down)

She said that she decided to tell people this story
because it sort of explains the type of person I am:
fun loving,
willing to do stuff for kids,
a fan of kidlit,
and pretty ridiculous and strange.

I saw her point.
I’ve already told that story; check it out here.
This sheet is great for writing down a story you always tell.
When you’re done, you can tuck it away
or send it to someone you know will enjoy it.

What story will YOU tell?

Here’s a video of what I ended up doing,
and my story written out!

Doesn’t this look like fun?
Remember, this is just one of 10 sheets you can get by
supporting my NOWD fun!

I’m at $227!
Shoutout to Chris and Priscilla who donated!
Only 73 more dollars to get to my goal!
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More stories behind the pages coming soon!

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