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Adventures of an Indie Bookseller, Chapter 3: MAB edition

Hey everyone,
I work at a fun indie bookstore in California.
I’ll be sharing some fun stuff that happens when I work,
just in case you’re curious
as to what life is like
on the side that sells books :)

Date worked: October 10, 2016
Hours: from 3-6
Note: First meeting of the Middle Grade Advisory Board/Mad about Books/MAB. **************************************************************************
When I arrived we laid out our plans for the meeting,
but I couldn’t help overhearing a little boy talk to one of my co-workers.

“I organized the cars.”
“Let me show you.”
He walked her over to the place where we have a shelf with little cubbies for cars that are small enough to fit in children’s hands. He had organized them all, putting them back in the spots they go in. It was no small task; they are at just the right height for kids to grab them so they’re almost always a mess.

My co-worker praised him for his good work.
He looked so proud!
MAB: 5 members came for our first meeting,
and they were an animated bunch,
ranging in age from 9-11,
all girls this time.

We introduced ourselves (name, age, grade, books we like, favorite ice cream flavor) and then my manager and I gave book talks on four books before we voted on which one to read.

The books we booktalked were:
When the Sea Turned To Silver
Sherlock Sam and the Missing Heirloom in Kutang

We had each kid vote for two books,
first and second place,
then tallied up the votes.
First place got two points, second place, one point.

Ghost barely squeaked it out over
Where the Sea Turned to Silver,
so we’re reading that one this month.
Since it was our first meeting,
we also had lots of time to talk books.
The kids did a great job talking about the books they loved while not giving too much away. A few times I had to steer them in a better book description direction, but they did pretty well on their own. We got at least one book recommendation from each girl.

Here are the books they recommended:
Peter Nimble and his Fantastic Eyes
Calvin and Hobbes
Sting (the second in a series. Here’s the first)
Murder is bad manners (and the second book in the series)
Doll Bones
Please Don’t Feed the Vampire, a Give yourself Goosebumps book.
Demon Dentist
Stone Rabbit (A series)
Walk Two Moons
Hate That Cat
Lumberjanes (also a series)

project-life.jpg project-life.jpg project-life.jpg
ARC scores:
None this time because I’m working through all the arcs I already have.
Books bought:
None. Proud of myself!
I’m obviously a huge fan of indie bookstores.
I hope that this little sneak peek behind the scenes
will inspire you to visit one!

See you next time!

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