Here’s my FAQ page.
I outsourced the work to Singe Singe, my sock monkey,
because he’s got to earn his keep somehow.
Hopefully he does a good job.

—-Kathy Ellen


FAQ, answers collected by Singe Singe, sock monkey extraordinaire.

Who is Kathy Ellen?

Kathy Ellen is a double-named girl who has always had the dream to write for children.
Well, specifically, to get published.
Writing is not a problem!
She also happens to be incredibly crafty thanks to an imaginative childhood,
and a lack of funds in adulthood.
She also happens to have the best sock monkey in the world.

When did she start writing?

Sources say it must have been 4 or 5.
Sources also say once her mother finds out about this blog, those writings could surface.
She wrote many stories about children having adventures together when she was younger, and pioneered a radio show with her siblings
(WOOO, Davis news radio)
AND was also the editor of her family newspaper, Davis news. 

How did she become a storyteller anyway?

Some say Kathy Ellen started telling stories when she started talking.
And that was pretty soon; she could talk even before she could walk!
She grew up with great parents and three fun siblings,
and she often sites them as inspiration.
These days she gets a ton of ideas from her handsome, multi-talented sock monkey son.

Why write for children?
Luckily a primary document was found that answers this question, from Kathy Ellen herself:

“WHY NOT? Children are the best kind of people.
And it’s the section that I’ve always gone to first when I go to the bookstore.
I always trust children book authors to write something great.
And I love kids! I want to give them books that they can read over and over again.
I loved that as a kid.
I poured over book orders when I was younger.

-found in a Snoopy journal at The Davis residence.

Why picture books specifically?

Time spent in Kathy Ellen’s current room can answer this one.
She has more picture books than anything else, and she has no children!
“Wait a minute!” you’re saying, “what about that amazingly talented sock monkey son of hers?”
Yes, he counts, but, for the record, he reads lots of books.
In fact, he has been reading many middle grade and YA books lately
(he’s in the advanced reading group in school)
and has recently inspired Kathy Ellen to try her hand at some longer stories.

How can I get an amazingly awesome sock monkey like Singe Singe?

Wow, what a compliment.
In fact, Kathy Ellen makes sock monkeys.
You should contact her, because she’s setting up workshops and loves to teach people.
At these workshops, you can even meet the one, the only, Singe Singe!
Who is, in your words, “amazingly awesome.”


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