Friday Book Report 2

Hooray! More books for you! Every Friday I recap what I’ve read during the week. I post the picture of the book that I took when I finished reading it, […]

Sunday Donut #2

Intro in case you don’t know about the Sunday donut: (it’s sort of like that chapter at the start of every Babysitter’s Club book that you can skip if you […]

Friday Book Report 1

Hey everyone! Here’s my Friday book report! I hope to get these out each week, but last Friday I was in Wisconsin with no internet, and possibly visiting the National […]

The Sunday Donut #1

Ok, I just had a blast reading my friend Jackie’s blog. She borrowed something she loved from another blog: A heart to heart sort of post about life, as if […]

Real Life Writer Report

This is the Real Life Writer Report for the week starting Monday, May 25th and ending Sunday, May 31st. (Yes, it’s a brain new idea. I’ll write a post about […]

Hello blog readers! I’m sorry I’ve been neglecting this lately; I think it’s a problem of identity. That, and being mysteriously sick/exhausted for the past two months. But mostly, identity. […]