September Review Raffle

Hey everyone,

I am part of a great group called 12 by 12,
and in the Facebook page,
we were talking about reviews.

Writing reviews helps authors so much.
You don’t even have to write THAT much.
You could just say, “I loved this book!”
or “really liked it!”

Even though I know this,
I still don’t enter reviews on Amazon that often.
I want to hold myself accountable
and write more reviews,
and I thought others may want to as well.

The winner gets a book mailed to them.
It might be a signed book.
It might be a new book.
It might be an ARC or two.
Just know that it will be awesome.

This month the book is:
a book by Tim McCanna and Tad Carpenter.
And the good news?
Tim is coming to Hicklebee’s,
so when you win I can get the book PERSONALIZED too!

What do you do?
Write a review of a kidlit book or for a kidlit podcast.
Enter the info in the google form below.
Repeat if you’d like!

It’s on your honor;
I’m not going to make you submit a URL
or check up on you.
I’m going to choose that you are a great human
and aren’t lying to me.

You can enter as many times
as reviews that you write.

I’ll announce/email the winner
when I post the raffle for October,
and I’ll also make a list of books/podcasts that people reviewed,
so we can all learn about new books and podcasts.

I’ll share what I reviewed then as well.

Sound fun?
Let’s do this.

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