Yeah, write! Word Grab page.

screen-shot-2016-09-25-at-2-29-55-pmHey everyone!
Here’s the first page of the yeah, write! pdf you get
by donating to my Night of Writing Dangerously Fund.

To find out more about the origin of yeah, write! click here.

Here’s what the page is about:


A grab bag of words to choose from to create a story,
along with some space to write it down.
Use one word or many to create your story!

The story behind the page:
I love playing around with words.
That probably comes as no surprise to anyone due to the fact that I’m a writer.

I love taking words as a story starter,
because you can look at a word
and I can look at word
and we can think many different things
and take a story in many different directions.

I started a whole middle grade novel
by combining the word wish and fish,
just because they rhyme.

I did word studies for a while and showed them via Instagram.
I remember in college that one of the exercises in creative writing class
was to ask random people for a word
and make a list of about 10 words and include those in the story.

I thought that was really fun and it felt like a puzzle to me.
That’s why I think the word grab is so fun;
seeing all the words there and combining them in different ways
can bring up a ton of different stories.

Here’s a video of what I ended up doing.
I read you my story and ended up using all the words!
I thanked my donors in this one too!

Do words spark stories for you?
I hope so!
Remember, this is just one of 10 sheets you can get by
supporting my NOWD fun!

I’m up to 174 dollars!
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More stories behind the pages coming soon!


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