SCBWI LA 2014!

Hey everyone!
I’m at SCBWI for the next few days.
Should be fun!
For some reason, I’m having a hard time uploading and posting pictures with my phone, so I’ll just have to tell you for now!

-I’m giving out free art! I’m hiding 70 packs and giving away 40 with the secret code word (cornucopia!)

-free art includes a little watercolor quote to inspire and a mirror message. I’m really proud of those! They’re words written in reverse that you have to hold to a mirror to read. One is “happy!” The idea is you hold it up to the mirror, see yourself and the word, and then hopefully it will come true!

-new business cards! One side says, “you’re awesome” in reverse (like the mirror message) and you can color it in yourself! The other side is hand drawn with room to write stuff. They’re super fun!

-Singe Singe of course! He’s back to meet authors and illustrators!

When I get back to my home computer, I promise to post pictures! Until then, to see what’s going on, see me on twitter or Instagram. I’m @kathyellendavis on both places. Can’t wait to share lots of gems from the conference with you!

Until then,

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